Jana looking for dragons in the misty mountains of North Carolina

Raised in an artistic family Jana was encouraged to experiment with different art media. Classes in drawing, copper enamel and ceramics helped point her towards a career in art. College was started as an art major, however along the way, healthcare became the focus of her education.

After many years of working as a critical care nurse, she has now returned to her initial art calling. Starting several years ago with painting green ware and bisque, Jana progressed to working with low fire clay. Surrounded by a household of assorted pets, and inspired by a life long fascination with lizards, dragons have slowly emerged as her favorite subject.

With Rocky, the resident house iguana as her favorite model, dragons continue to be the focus of her art.

All dragons are created to be happy, slightly goofy and fun to be around. Each dragon is shaped by hand without the use of molds. The primary goal is to bring a sense of amusement and enjoyment to the viewer.

With the encouragement from her family and household pets, including an Australian Sheppard, pionus parrot, uromastyx lizards, and multiple freshwater fish, Jana continues to find inspiration for her clay projects and creations. Time spent in the mountains of North Carolina, especially in the morning mists also nurtures dragon dreams. Many of the dragons have been created in a surge of energy after quality quiet time in the woods.